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Life work is a project which promotes the idea of social entrepreneurship for millions of people around Russia.

It's based on more than 50 stories of social entrepreneurs around the country.

The project itself is a media constructor created together with partners.

#lifework. People of the North

Mikhail Bronskiy

"Bronskiy" tea

In the outskirts of the Arkhangelsk region, in the family home where his great-grandfathers lived, he created a large-scale production of Ivan-tea, giving work to dozens of families from villages within a 70 km radius.
#lifework. Yugra

Olga Amineva

"Audiophone" Rehabilitation Center

In Surgut she's founded a second to none center for the rehabilitation of people with hearing impairments
#lifework. People of the North

Alena Polikina
Territorial public self-government «Beloye Ozerko» (White lake)

In the village, cut off by the Northern Dvina from the big land, she's become the head of the territorial public self-government uniting several villages into the team of village people. The TPSG created the point of life and growth of the community by creating a museum, a club, an educational center for children and a meeting place for adults
#lifework. Yugra

Oleg Piskunov
"Iskra" football school

The school helps to solve the problem of leisure time for children aged 4-12 years, both boys and girls. It is gaining momentum due to the uniqueness of the training process and parents desire to bring up their children in love with sport.
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#lifework. People of the North

Viacheslav and Tatiana Starodubtsevy
"Premier" Little Theater

Almost three decades ago in the once secret city of Severodvinsk, the spouses, who were interested in their common cause and love for scene, founded and presented children and adults with their own theater.
#lifework. Yugra

Irina Tokareva
"Logorithm" Rehabilitation Center

"All children have the right to happiness," says social entrepreneur Irina Tokareva. Her long dream was to bring children with special needs from closed correctional schools to the big world. This also applies to complex children with autism spectrum disorders.

#lifework. People of the North

Timofey Dorofeev
Annual jazz festival

A guitar player and popularizer of jazz music Tim Dorofeev has been organizing international jazz festivals for many years, turning Arkhangelsk into the center of musical jazz art, with leading performers from Japan to Norway striving to take part in it.

#lifework. Yugra

Konstantin Shcherbinin
Nursing home

The project is about private boarding house for elderly people. At first, the manager felt unsure whether it was worth starting. As a result, today it has become a family affair for them - the entrepreneur himself and his wife work there. They still have the desire to help elderly people. And they do not imagine other business apart this.
"What is happiness, but self-realization? If you successfully engage in self-realization, you feel happy because you achieve your goals"
Elena Topoleva-Soldunova

A Russian public figure, the member of the Council of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation, the head of the non-profit organization "Agency of Social Information.

In 1994 she founded the Agency of Social Information, a non-profit organization that collects and disseminates information on civil initiatives in Russia as well as social events relevant to the society, the activities of non-governmental non-profit organizations and socially responsible businesses. In 2014 she became one of the winners of the "Impulse of Good" award "for leadership in promoting social entrepreneurship".

"Social entrepreneurship solves a lot of problems. People get a job; a resource that can give them economic development. And this is the resource they manage themselves"
Marina Mikhailova

The head of "Garant" - the Center for Social Technologies; a key participant in attracting social investment in the Arkhangelsk region, an organizer of dozens of annual grant competitions for non-profit organizations throughout the country. She is also a social entrepreneur.
"Social entrepreneurship isn't an option for every entrepreneur, and it can't be solved by usual approach"
Vladimir Weiner

Since the 80s he's been an active participant in the non-profit organizations activities and a social entrepreneur. The compiler of the "Social Entrepreneurship of Russia" annual catalog, the author of the "Social Entrepreneurship. The soul movement" training course. The Head of the "Gladway" Media Projects of the Social Programms Development Foundation.
"The main qualities a social entrepreneur needs are communication skills, the ability to form a team and to see the problem as well as to find the ways to solve it"
Irina Maksimova

She is the Chairman of the Public Chamber of KhMAO-Yugra since February 2016. From 2006 to 2013, Irina was the chairman of the Surgut territorial committee, the chairman of the commission of the Public Chamber of the Autonomous district for Education and Youth Policy, as part of the Public Chamber of Yugra for three convocations. The Commission, headed by her, deals not only with the problems of education and upbringing of the younger generation, but also with the implementation of youth policy in rural settlements of the Autonomous district.
"Those people who really want to become social entrepreneurs in Yugra won't be restricted in anything. They will have scope for self-realization"
Olga Sidorova

The regional Representative of the "Our Future" Foundation for Regional Social Programs, the Deputy Chairman of the Public Chamber of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra, the Chairman of the Public Chamber of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug – Yugra on the Commission on Economic Development, Support of Entrepreneurship and Social Responsibility of Business.

More than 20 years of successful work in business, as well as social activities. Many people know Olga Sidorova because of her long-term work in the Fund for Entrepreneurship Support of Yugra and the Public Chamber of Yugra.
"It's very good when a logical entrepreneurial mind is combined with a very kind soul"
Olga Epifanova

The Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation from the "Fair Russia" party. Deputy work has been conducted since 2009. She is the author and co-author of about thirty legislative initiatives.

She has been doing her business for 20 years annually providing the residents of the Arkhangelsk region with jobs and filling the regional budget with taxes.

She is a permanent partner of charitable programs "Good Arkhangelsk", the founder of the nominal fund "People of the North". The Deputy Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation.
"A good entrepreneurial project is useful for society. It develops not only the economy, but also the society here and now"
Roman Kolupaev

Acting Director General of the Foundation for Entrepreneurship Support of Yugra.

He started working in the Enterprise Support Fund of Yugra in 2010, two years later he was appointed as a director of the Surgut branch of the Yugra Entrepreneurship Support Fund. From September 2015 till present he's been acting as the Director General of the Yugra Entrepreneurship Support Fund.

"Social business can be also profitable, and you can do it well and right"
Taras Krishtanovich

An entrepreneur, business mentor, social investor, the head of the Private Kindergartens Association of the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug - Yugra.

The winner of the city competition "The Best Entrepreneur of the Year - 2010" in the "Successful Start" nomination (Surgut). The author and mastermind of several business projects in Surgut.
"In our country people's minds are changing dramatically now. There is what is called social entrepreneurship – it's the sphere I've been working in for 25 years"
Igor Shpitsberg

The head of the Rehabilitation Center of Disabled Children "Our Sunshine World".

The member of the Board of international association of the Autism Europe's Council of Administration, the member of the Expert Council of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation on comprehensive support of children with autism spectrum disorders, the expert of the Council of the Government of the Russian Federation on guardianship in the social sphere.
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